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Door Repairs

Renovating and Repairing Classic Doors

Ecologically sound and saves on heating costs

The doors we see in everyday houses are usually designed specifically to exclude draughts, with sophisticated and long lasting designs intended to prevent airflow and heat loss. However on older doors, expecially the kinds of doors you would see in preserved buildings, there are often gaps through which air can travel. As well as that, normal wear and tear on a centuries-old door, combined with rot, shrinkage, swelling and decay in the wood, will often make it neccessary to repair older doors and replace the damaged parts.

We have a great deal of experience in dealing with these older designs and maintaining their architectural and aesthetic beauty while bringing them up to modern standards of energy efficiency.


John does great job, clean and tidy, arrives on time very knowledgeable, pleasure to deal with, windows and door work better now than before, draught proofing installed makes the property retain heat far more than before. Would recommend to anyone!

Wioletta Skrzypczak


About Sash Windows

With more than thirty years of experience in carpentry, cabinetmaking, sash window construction and restoration as well as being highly qualified. When I started doing restoration I began to study the original construction techniques used by the master craftsmen who created the original pieces, and I have applied this knowledge in restoring their work to its original glory.

I have worked on large projects for the commercial, consumer and public sectors and completed successful restorations on pieces that were centuries old. Large or small, all work receives the same professional care and attention to even the most minute details, with the added benefit that the repairs will enhance energy efficiency considerably and reduce heating costs for the building when finished.

So contact me today for a free quotation to see how I can help to restore your windows and doors!
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