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Decades of Experience

Professional qualifications

John began his carpentry career at a young age, making a stool for his mother at age twelve, and maintaining that interest through secondary school and on to an apprenticeship in Tallaght AnCo. He progressed to cabinet manufacture and design and combined this with wood machining experience, which introduced him to the fascinating craft of sash window design and repair.

He has accumulated many qualifications and a great deal of experience since then, including church organ building and advanced door renovation engineering, working with qualified architects to develop chemical processes which enable renovators to dissolve paint from doors without any great damage on the underlying wood.

His international experience also includes fitting and refitting executive furniture for large corporations and the helping with the design of industrial equipment.

His focus in recent years has been the renovation and restoration of period, historic period and similar furniture and fittings, applying his decades of understanding and traditional skills to a variety of projects. For the professional touch and a man you can rely on to get the job done, Ask About Sash Windows are the ideal partners for your property restoration and development!


I have two small apartments with old fashioned wooden sash windows and the management company is very restrictive as to how they can be dealt with. Rather than replacing the windows, which would have been very costly, I contacted John Gormley to see how the windows could be dealt with. John gave me a very reasonable quote and refurbished the windows very professionally, replaced two cracked panes, draft proofed the windows and repainted them to bring them to their full functionality. They look great and are working perfectly. John has been a pleasure to work with over a short period of time to refurbish the windows in a cost-effective way with minimal disruption to me and my tenants. The apartments are much warmer as a result of the work done and are fire safety compliant. I am delighted to recommend John's work. Eleanor Daly

Eleanor Daly owner of two apartments

Harold's Cross

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With more than thirty years of experience in carpentry, cabinetmaking, sash window construction and restoration as well as being highly qualified. When I started doing restoration I began to study the original construction techniques used by the master craftsmen who created the original pieces, and I have applied this knowledge in restoring their work to its original glory.

I have worked on large projects for the commercial, consumer and public sectors and completed successful restorations on pieces that were centuries old. Large or small, all work receives the same professional care and attention to even the most minute details, with the added benefit that the repairs will enhance energy efficiency considerably and reduce heating costs for the building when finished.

So contact me today for a free quotation to see how I can help to restore your windows and doors!
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John Gormley